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Aug 19, 2012
KeongMas is pleased to announce that it has started a new writing project with STKIP Surya in Banten, Indonesia. In this project, KeongMas is working closely with Papua students who are studying science at the University and are inspired to become Physics teachers in Papua. In Papua, it is often hard for children to receive adequate education. School fees, distance from villages to schools, and most importantly, lack of teachers, facilities, and educational materials, are ongoing issues. These Papua students shared with us that when they were in elementary school, there was only one teacher to teach them. They did not have a Math teacher. They learned how to speak and write Indonesian, but was never taught how to write. Similar problems continued as they went to middle and high school. With these Papua students, we are working at building and growing their writing skills and publish their final work to... [Read more]



Jul 18
WARASKITAAssessing the Success of the First Congress of Indonesian Diaspora
This article is written by Ivan Yudhi and also can be found at “The main purpose of the Congress is to connect these various dots of Indonesian diaspora communities worldwide....
May 02
KeongMas BANDKeongMas Band to Perform at Comcast Asian American Chronicle
KeongMas Band is set for 30 minutes interview and performance in Asian American Chronicle program of Comcast local TV in Chicago, IL on May 6, 2011. The program will feature...
Apr 05
WARASKITAWaraskita Bulletin: April 2011
Greetings! For April edition, we showcase two opinions about two sides of the Indonesian Government. We are looking at the success of the Indonesian Government, through the Chicago General Consulate, to promote...
Mar 01
WARASKITAWaraskita Bulletin: March 2011
Hi everyone! Last month, Waraskita published several interesting opinions and reports: How the values of Pancasila perceived in this modern time: Life lesson from a hen Illinois Cup 2011 event review, an...
Feb 28
KEONGMASKeongMas Interviewed by VOA
KeongMas was interviewed by VOA (Voice of America) Indonesia at the Indonesian Night event in Urbana-Champaign on Feb 11, 2011. Although the below video only shows few second of our...
Feb 27
WARASKITANew Articles on Illinois Cup 2011 on
Waraskita team covered the event Illinois Cup and Indonesian Nite 2011 at Urbana-Champaign campus. Read the article here. There is also a different take on the event from our friend titled...
Feb 19
KeongMas BANDVideos from IndoNite are uploaded!
KeongMas Band performed in Indonesia Night at Urbana-Champaign campus on Feb 11, 2011. The personnels were Chris (guitar + vocal), Jeff (guitar + backing vocal), and Jonathan (percussion). Here are...
Feb 15
KEONGMASKeongMas Supports Illinois Cup 2011
KeongMas participated in the recent Illinois Cup on Feb 11, 2011. Coordinated by Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS) at Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, this event offered sport tournaments for futsal, basketball and...
Jan 20
KEONGMASKeongMas to be Featured on Chicago Public Access TV
Keongmas was given an opportunity 2 weeks ago to be interviewed by Comcast Chicagoland public access TV-Asian American Chronicle. Jeff and I got the chance to share a little...
Jan 05
KeongMas BANDPhoto Galleries Now Up and Running for KeongMas Band
Greetings, We manage to get some of the 2010s pictures of KeongMas band performance on several events in Chicago. Previously we never had a chance to add them up to the...
Jan 03
WARASKITAWaraskita Bulletin - January 2011
Greetings Waraskita, First of all, the team of Waraskita would like to say Happy New Year 2011. May 2011 become a year full of inspiration and action for Indonesia. We start off...
Jan 01
Dear KM-ers, In the effort of making Waraskita cooler, we just updated our platform on the site. In that regard, we really need your helps as fellow KM-ers to be our...
Jan 01
KEONGMASWelcoming 2011 with The New Web Design !
First of all, we would like to wish you the warmest and happiest new year wherever you are from all of us in KeongMas Association!!! Here's our new year present to...
Dec 09
KEONGMASBoneka Nusantara
KeongMas presents these captivating Indonesian-made fabric figures which display the cultural riches of Indonesian traditional clothing styles identifying various geographical regions. All proceeds go to MITRA, a scholarship...
Dec 09
KeongMas launched (Warung Aspirasi Kita), a collection of people’s blogs and opinions about anything related to Indonesia including: politics, economy, social, art, and culture. Inspire Indonesians through...
Dec 09
KEONGMASHelp For Indonesia - Mentawai and Merapi Relief
KEONG MAS FUNDRAISING EFFORT “Help Indonesia - Mentawai & Merapi Victims” In response to Mentawai and Merapi disasters that happened recently, KeongMas Association is partnering with World Harvest...

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Boneka Nusantara

Mar, 01 2011

KeongMas presents these captivating Indonesian-made fabric figures which display the cultural riches of Indonesian traditional clothing styles identifying various geographical regions. All proceeds go to MITRA, a scholarship porgram for disadvantaged yet bright college students. To order please send email to